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With the night’s drawing in and the kids back at school Amazon are providing us with a fresh new dose of content for Prime video streaming enthusiasts.

But what’s worth the watch? Find out more below....

Best for a binge watch...


American comedy drama Transparent first hit our screens back in February 2014 and back for its fourth season.

The story revolves around a typical American family who discover their Father (Mort) is a transgender.

This thought provoking, funny and heart warming series picked up a Golden Globe for Best Television Series and scooped an Emmy for Outstanding Actor.

Well worth a watch.

One for the girls...

Beauty & The Baker

Meet Amos, a baker aspiring to one day become an illustrator.
Then meet Noa, a gorgeous megastar. They couldn’t  be further apart, but somehow sparks fly when their worlds collide in this funny, uplifting – dead girly series!

Best to freak yourself out when no one else is home...

Unsolved Mysteries  - Season nine

Unsolved alien abductions, murders and all kinds of spine tingling crimes that will leave you wondering ‘what that noise was upstairs...’

Nuff' said... 

Best for an Evening movie

Magnificent Seven

Who doesn’t LOVE a good Western? And this one has it all...

Directed by Anotine Fuqua and written by Nic Pizzolatto the remake of the 1960’s film (going by the same name) stars Hollywood greats Denzel Washington, Chis Pratt and Ethan Hawke – to name  a few.

A demoralised, Mexican peasant calls in the help of seven gun fighters to assist him in defending his home.

Exciting,  stirring and guaranteed to leave you gripped – still good second, third and fourth time around!

Best for a Family Movie

All Dogs go to Heaven

An oldie, but a goodie! This classic 1989 animated musical comedy will leave you all laughing (and crying!)

All dogs go to heaven tells the story of German Shepherd Charlie. Killed by his former pal, Carface.

Charlie withdraws his place from heaven to take revenge on his killer nemesis with the aid of a little orphan girl who can speak to animals.

Best for Beer and a take away

Waynes World 2

Filmed and set way back, way back when – in 1993 Waynes World 2 is the sequel to it’s equally hysterical first movie Waynes World.

After a visit in his sleep from legend James Morrison, Wayne feels he has finally found his calling.

Together, with his best pal Garth, they embark on an adventure to put on the best rock and roll concert known to man – WayneStock.

With guest appearances from Drew Barrymore, Jay Leno, Aerosmith and many more, Waynes World 2 is an absolute classic with plenty of SHWINGS, turns and twist – and a barrel full of belly laughs!

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